4 recruiting strategies for the health and pharmaceutical industries

The pharmaceutical and health sectors have been facing increasing activity since the crisis. And with this kind of growth comes larger recruitment needs. Hundreds of positions have opened up and a new talent war has begun.

So how do you adapt your recruitment process to remain agile in the war for talent? Here are 4 strategies to implement according to the profiles you are looking for: a transparent employer brand, a pool of qualified candidates, digital solutions and collaborative recruitment.

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1. A clear and transparent employer brand for young graduates

In the first half of 2020, the pharmaceutical sector recorded a rarely achieved growth rate of near 4%. At the same time, European pharmaceutical companies had to compete for talent, especially young graduates, in the vaccine race.

This is where employer branding becomes crucial. For this already attractive sector, the number one objective will be to stand out from the competition. The career site must promote employee initiatives and present the company's business values. In order to attract new talent. The strategy therefore starts with good and effective communication:

  • Sharing employee testimonials, written or video, for greater authenticity.
  • Highlighting corporate culture through a community of collaborators (presenting daily life, team building activities, etc.)
  • an increased presence on social media

2. Pools of qualified applicants to anticipate needs

This crisis has also allowed market players to draw some strong lessons, such as Europe's dependence on drug supplies. The need to relocate production therefore opens the way to new waves of recruitment for rare profiles (supply chain, pharmacists specializing in quality control or even production managers).

To attract rare profiles, it is necessary not only to enhance one's employer brand as previously mentioned, but also to work on one's talent pool. Indeed, staying in touch with all candidates, including unsuccessful candidates, is essential. Just as it is important to qualify this pool by capitalizing on open applications at all times so as not to miss out on relevant profiles. In short, it is an excellent way to anticipate future needs.

Here is an easy-to-build model to keep your talent pool alive:

  1. Multiply communications on the career site, LinkedIn pages and other social networks to develop your talent pool.
  2. Qualify candidates by skills, level of experience or location to facilitate the search.
  3. Maintain candidate engagement by sending regular emails to highlight open positions, explain the recruitment and integration process.


3. Digital HR solutions for digital profiles

Like any other sector, health and pharmaceuticals have been hit hard by digitalization. For this reason, digital is the answer. According to PageGroup, companies will turn to more hybrid profiles, computer scientists, medical device application engineers and e-health product managers.

To attract and hire these profiles, what could be better than digitalizing the recruitment process to provide candidates with innovative solutions that reflect the employer brand? A chatbot on the career site available to answer questions 24/7, a video interview solution or online skills tests will enable HR teams not only to provide candidates with a more modern and fluid experience throughout the application and pre-screening phase, but also to facilitate their access to information and move forward in the application process at the most opportune time for them.

In addition to the fact that these profiles are particularly sought-after across all sectors, digital solutions free HR teams from time-consuming tasks to be more responsive and efficient in processing applications. The automation of the collection and analysis of CVs and candidate returns saves valuable time.

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4. Recruiting remotely and promoting collaboration

In Europe, the industrial web is very powerful with world-renowned laboratories. However, competition on a European scale is also about attracting the best profiles. Recruitment no longer has borders, especially here.

The crisis has therefore had another impact on recruitment strategies: the accelerated digitalization of processes. Indeed, health measures have changed interview methods by moving to remote recruitment. Some profiles have been hired without ever having met the teams physically. The challenge is therefore to ensure that the teams - recruiters and managers - work together to be aligned when pre-screening and selecting the best talent.

It is possible to involve managers right from the pre-screening phase with an on-demand video interview solution that has sharing features. This method prevents unpleasant surprises during the interview, saves time, but also allows to get back to the best candidates fast and to hire them as quickly as possible.

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