EASYRECRUE's new automated interview scheduling solution

Did you know that recruiters spend up to 5 hours a week* scheduling interviews? That's how much time you could spend meeting and building quality relationships with your candidates. Instead, this step of the process is often a back and forth of emails and missed phone calls to agree on an interview date. Add potential rescheduling and dealing with candidates that don’t show up to the interview, and you can say you’re wasting more time than you should.

To solve this issue, EASYRECRUE has designed an online scheduling tool for recruiters and managers to better manage their professional calendars and save time for themselves, as well as candidates. Saving time is in fact one of the main challenges for HR professionals in 2020.

1. Automating an inevitable task with low-added value

Let’s be honest, scheduling interviews is probably not your favorite nor your most rewarding task. With this new feature, EASYRECRUE frees recruiters and managers from this low-value and time-consuming task: sending emails with managers to agree on availabilities, calling or emailing candidates to schedule a date, sending out reminders to avoid interviewees forgetting, ghosting or postponing. This is when automation makes the most sense. 

The automated interview scheduler only needs to be set up once and the effects are immediate. Selected candidates receive a link with the recruiters saved slots for interviews and choose which fits best for them. If the recruiter makes any changes, said candidates get an email update to inform them. Simple.

2. Prioritizing candidate and recruiter experiences

Our new feature is simply integrated to the EASYRECRUE INTERVIEW solution for a smoother and simpler use, optimizing the recruiter experience. Moreover, we chose to partner with Cronofy, a world leading provider of API** services, for the most seamless synchronization with professional calendars and inboxes (Outlook, Gmail, etc.). Recruiters can move or cancel meetings and interviews from the calendars they are already using, without having to connect to the platform.

planner-2v2Additionally, to boost our user’s employer brand, our solutions are customizable to fit company colors, and the automated interview scheduler is no exception. With 13 available languages, the tool can be shared and used by teams around the world. It also includes an option to automatically send reminder emails and SMS the day before the interview, giving the option to reschedule, to avoid no shows or candidates forgetting the appointment.

How does it work?

  • Connect your professional agenda with the EASYRECRUE interview scheduling solution.
  • Choose your dedicated interview time slots. These can be changed anytime and managed directly from your professional calendar, without needing to connect to the EASYRECRUE platform.
  • Invite the candidates you wish to meet to choose from your time slots.

Interested in knowing more? Over here!

Discover our interview scheduling tool


*Cronofy study

**API: Application Programming Interface

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