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12 common recruiting biases to watch out for

Or how to make sure you don’t hire a candidate for the wrong reasons.

Recruiters, just like every other...

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8 tips to improve your recruiting process

Recruiting methods and processes evolve. Hiring today is different from hiring 10 years ago and, with the...

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Top 10 questions HR & recruitment professionals ask about video interviewing

In an interest to always improve our products and solutions, we ask clients and market leaders what their...

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6 scenarios to successfully integrate internal mobility to your workplace

On April 2nd, we presented a webinar exploring the challenges of internal mobility and strategic workforce...

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5 ways to maintain a stable recruitment process amid uncertain times

The pandemic is having a lasting impact on our lives, including the way we work. From onboarding new hires...

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Video interviewing: 10 tips for hiring managers

Choosing to pre-screen candidates thanks to the pre-recorded video interview is a great opportunity to...

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