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How Novotel renewed its candidate experience with the video interview

The Novotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse is one of Accor Invest's flagship hotels, managed by the...

#Employer Branding #Digital Recruiting

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Prosegur enters digital HR thanks to EASYRECRUE

Prosegur is a multinational company that offers global and comprehensive security solutions, adapted to...

#employee experience #Digital Recruiting

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And now for something a little different: HR marketing

“In a world of infinite media choices, the best way to reach new buyers and recruits might be right under...

#Employer Branding #employee experience #hr marketing

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Sprinter uses video interviews to run its recruitment process better and faster

Sprinter is offering all types of Sportswear and casual clothes for everyone who makes sports their way of...

#Digital Recruiting #Easyrecrue News

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How to choose a business-oriented language test

So you have finally decided to assess the language level of your candidates and employees and want to find...

#Language Tests

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How do you recruit people with atypical profiles ?

Have you ever thought about recruiting personalities rather than profiles? You’ll be surprised about the...

#atypical profiles #Skills Assessment #Digital Recruiting

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