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1. Easy to use and intuitive 

An intuitive user experience is critical for the adoption of video interviewing. Managers expect any software they use to make their job easier. If the software is not intuitive, it will act as a barrier to it being adopted.

Furthermore, an on-boarding and training process for candidates is impractical and inappropriate, therefore the user interface must be easy to use and intuitive in order to deliver a world class and seamless candidate experience. If you need to explain it, it doesn’t work.


2. Feature rich platform including a mobile app

While the video interview itself is the core offering, there are numerous features which support the process to make it efficient and productive for the recruiter and a positive experience for the candidate. Some features might include scoring, note taking, shortlisting, multi-lingual ability and collaboration. Furthermore, consumers use their smart phones for everything from shopping to dating, and with a built-in high quality camera, it is the ideal tool to complete the their video interview. Therefore, you should select a video interview software which has a mobile application for candidates. 

video interview software


3. New feature policy

The major benefit with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications is that feature updates can be easily shared with users without the need to install updated software from downloads (or being sent a CD). Its important before you proceed with any video interviewing provider to ask what is their policy regarding feature updates. It is also important to understand if you will benefit from the newly released features without paying extra.


4. Branded platform 

Building a strong employer brand is about a consistent approach across all recruitment channels. Employers with strong employer brands see a 43% decrease in cost per hire and drive 2x the amount of applicants per job compared to other companies. Having a branded platform is the ideal opportunity to build and enforce your employer brand.   


5. Integrated pre-screening solutions 

Your current requirements may include pre-recorded video interviewing however, once a company starts to gain benefits, live video interviewing is usually introduced. The platform can also be integrated with a language assessment tool so that you can assess the candidate’s language competency.


6. Proven and tested reliable video interview platform

Video interview software is commonly provided through a ‘software-as-a-service’ model. This means that it is provided via a subscription model and the software company provides all the hosting and back ups. Therefore, it is important to understand uptime of the application over the past 12 months which will indicate the stability of the platform.


7. Extensive client list 

There was an adage in the 1980s: “No one ever got fired for buying IBM." While IBM doesn’t have the same market position nor a video interviewing solution, a solid client list of blue chip brands speaks volumes and can provide the same reassurances.


8. An outstanding Candidate Support team 

There are numerous operating systems, mobile devices, all with different browser versions. Security settings and other aspects can cause issues for the candidate when completing their video interview. The candidate support team are tasked with ensuring that candidates have a positive experience. This includes assisting them with any issues using the software or quality of their video interviews. Most video interviews are completed outside of work hours so ensure your vendor operates a 24/7 support service and it is available in the candidate’s native language.


9. An awesome Customer Success team

Once you have finalised the terms of the contract, the Customer Success team will spring into action. They will set up your branded portal, start the on-boarding, training and acting as a point of contact going forward. Like the name suggests, they are focused on your success.


10. Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or other HR systems

Integration between systems has many benefits including time saving when coordinating video interviews with data held within an ATS. Whether you are a using an ERP or ATS, it is important to ensure you discuss any existing integration relationships. Should the video interview software not have any existing integration with your current or future system, most companies have an API which allows different software applications to communicate with each other and exchange data. It is important to understand the options and the costs before you proceed.


If you are at the stage of considering different video interviewing software providers, we hope the above points are helpful. Our team would be delighted to speak with you and share some of the best practice we have shared with over 300 companies across the globe. Click here to arrange a demo and speak with our team.


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