5 surprising facts about pre-recorded video interviews

Snapchat, FaceTime, Skype, ... Video is now everywhere in our lives and connected devices. Although it is an ordinary part of day-to-day life, video is still relatively under-used in some organisations and services. Let’s take the example of human resources: video is mainly used for employer brand campaigns but the principle has almost been done to death. As HR experts, you are your company’s innovation pioneers. Have you ever considered using pre-recorded video interviews for your recruitment campaigns? Here are some facts that might surprise you...


1. Pre-recorded video interviews save you time!

Calling the applicants, fitting around their schedule and geographical constraints, the risk of getting their voicemail or phoning at an inconvenient time... You all face these kinds of problem when you’re recruiting. The result: it’s not only frustrating but also takes up a lot of time. When you include pre-recorded video interviews in your pre-screening process, you halve the time needed for this stage. Simply watch all the pre-recorded videos submitted by the applicants when you have time.

2. Pre-recorded video interviews help improve the quality of your applications!

Some vacancies, in areas such as marketing and communications, attract high volumes of applications. It can be complicated sorting through and identifying the best applicants quickly. For this kind of job and other roles, the trick is to find the star performer: the person who is not only a perfect fit for the job but also shares your company’s values. When you include pre-recorded video interviews in your recruitment campaigns, you can identify the top talents right at the pre-screening stage based on a number of elements: spoken fluency, body language, how they answer your questions, etc. You can even go a step further and test their language skills or introduce a role play.


3. Pre-recorded video interviews help modernise your employer brand!

When you offer your applicants a digital SaaS solution and a different way of promoting themselves, you significantly boost your attractiveness. You’re talking to them in a completely different way and they like it. We have also carried out a survey with 7,124 applicants who have taken part in a pre-recorded video interview. Over 90% of the applicants were recording a video interview for the first time and 80% of them agreed that the experience was practical, efficient and enjoyable. Your employer brand therefore gets a boost, with 82% of applicants who record a video interview saying they have a positive image of the business they want to join.


4. Pre-recorded video interviews help you optimise internal communications!

When you’re recruiting, you want to share the most promising applicants with your operational teams. Traditionally, you send a report of your phone call with a more or less exhaustive analysis of how you feel the interview went. So how about changing the way you do things? When you include pre-recorded video interviews in your recruitment process, you can easily share the interview videos with your colleagues. That saves a significant amount of time but is also an opportunity for you to interact with your colleagues.


5. Pre-recorded video interviews help you rediscover what recruitment is all about!

Recruitment is not an easy job. With such a heavy workload, it can sometimes be difficult not to automate and/or trivialise tasks of this kind. The main problem with this is that it tends to completely dehumanise the recruitment experience. When you include pre-recorded video interviews in your recruitment process, you rediscover a different role: focused on the applicant and synonymous with satisfaction. Forget the feelings of doubt after a phone call and the hours spent repeating the same questions over and over again. You get the chance to add some real value to your day-to-day life and rediscover a job you already excel at. And that’s priceless. Don’t you think?

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