5 Signs You Need Video Interviewing!

Companies that establish themselves as innovators early on gain a predominant advantage when it comes to hiring millennials. The digital era has quickly taken over most aspects of our lives, from social media to storage systems, mobile applications and data analytics; there is a piece of technology for everything you need to do. No one knows this more than millennials and Gen Z, these generations have grown up in the midst of technological advancement and are therefore drawn to firms who embrace it!

Keeping up with digital developments in your recruitment process will establish reliability, efficiency, flexibility and modernisation; all of which appeal greatly to a more selective prevailing candidate audience. The way recruitment works is fast changing and one of the more prevalent changes is the importance of creating an appealing employer brand image; the tables have turned, and it is just as important for a company to appeal to its applicants as it is for applicants to appeal to their choice of employer. Social media, online forums and networking have created the luxury of choice, as well as promoted word of mouth, which in turn has created a vast amount of competition between employers for quality talent. Candidates know they have choices and are able to voice their opinions, therefore, it is vital that companies portray strong differentiation and a positive image.

Many companies believe they are staying on top of the latest gadget in the market, but are in actuality moving slower than digital advancements are emerging.

So what are the 5 signs that it is time to take the next digital leap into video interviewing?

  1. Candidate engagement – you’re losing candidates during the interview process, from phone to multiple face to face interviews and individual requirements; candidates can grow bored of these lengthy processes and demanding procedures, becoming disengaged from the position/company and withdrawing their application. 
  1. Numerous applicants – you’re wasting a lot of time filtering vast numbers of candidates personally through multiple recruitment stages; an average of 23 days is spent on traditional hiring methods from sourcing to employment compared to 7 minutes of candidate screening with video interviewing after sourcing. 
  1. Misalignment – your recruitment strategy is not aligned with your company’s digital transformation, your recruitment process is miles ahead of your technology, having an outdated system means you’re unable to fulfil your hiring strategy to its fullest potential.
  1. Competition – speed vs quality; a limited talent pool and a high demand for it means you’re faced with the challenge of hiring the best as fast as possible, this can be hard to do without the right tools in place which leads to losing quality hires to competitors. 
  1. GDPR – when the new legislation takes effect on the 25th of May, it will be a requirement to have a centralised system for your contacts and candidates, their information must be easily accessible in order to comply with new information management rights and avoid data processing violations.

Now that we’ve established the need, let’s have a look at the benefits:

  • Thorough evaluation – The easyRECrue platform is built specifically to ease the recruitment process for both candidate and recruiter, the structure is geared towards providing a personalised experience where candidates feel they are viewed and evaluated as individuals; making them feel valued.
  • Soft skills – analysing ‘people skills’ in a pre-recorded video interview gives you the opportunity to assess communication, body language and interpersonal skills without the pressure of a fleeting face to face interview; with the option to share internally.
  • Travel – whether hiring talent abroad or from a one-hour transit, the hustle and expense of travelling can be taken out of the equation; this saves money and time for both candidate and recruiter and provides the freedom of hiring form anywhere in the world!
  • Millennials – most companies are hiring young, multi-skilled and tech savvy millennials, updating your recruitment strategy to incorporate the latest technology will aid in appealing to the latest generation and give you a modern appeal.
  • Evolve – video interviewing helps you ‘evolve’ your recruitment strategy into a more efficient process, having an all-round system that saves you time, money and talent loss will help develop your HR department into the new era of digital recruitment.

So, if you’ve read through the first 5 points, and thought ‘yup, yup, yup’, then read through the last 5 points and thought they sounded good; it might be time for a software update! Between an abundance of choice, a shortage of talent and a world more connected than ever; maintaining a positive employer brand through consistent software updates will help you stay on trend and acquire the highest quality talent out there.

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