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3 benefits of assessing the language level of contact center agents

Contact centrer agents are one of the cornerstones of companies, since they’re in many cases the point of contact with clients (and potential clients), suppliers, partners, etc. Although it’s true that each company has a universe of its own, it’s very common for a single contact centre to carry out many tasks.

It should be noted that a contact centre can be either in-house or a service outsourced to another company.

But what’s the main advantage of a contact centre? If we don't have one, all client requests will end up in different offices and it will be very hard to channel and deal with them. Alternatively, having a contact center service will help us centralise and optimise support, given that its main goal is facilitating communication.

The job of a contact centre agent requires knowing not only the basic tasks, but also having the training to be able to offer support to the clients that use them. In many cases, agents offer support for complex products or services and that’s why it’s very important that they have a good knowledge of them.

Like other sectors, contact centres are becoming increasingly globalised and the support service is increasingly international, but over 60% of recruiters acknowledge not double-checking the language level of candidates and employees. In the face of this, the great importance of contact centre agents having a good level of foreign languages becomes clear.


Discover the 3 benefits of assessing the level of foreign languages of contact center agents:

1. Offering clients a better service

phone-minContact center agents are the companies’ image and that’s why it’s very important that clients get the best service. Active listening entails listening and understanding users a lot better, so as to offer them the best service.

When dealing with international clients, attending to clients in their own language is, in many cases, a plus that will greatly improve the candidate experience.

Ensuring that contact center agents have a good level of languages will make international clients see that they are treated well and receiving a personalised service Did you know that 50% of companies have failed to close business transactions due to language misunderstandings?

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2. Standing out from the competition

In many cases, contact centres offer their service in just one language. So, what happens with clients that request support in other languages? Having agents that, besides speaking the country’s language, are able to speak other languages such as Spanish, English, French... or, why not, Mandarin Chinese or Korean, will make you stand out from your competitors and strengthen your brand against others.

3. Covering a broader market

Given that agents generally only speak the language of the country they are in, imagine what happens when a company offers its services in more languages. For example, if a contract centre offers its service in Spanish, it will be able to deal not only with its clients in Spain, but also cover a big part of Latin America. If it does so in Portuguese, it will also be able to take care of Portugal, Brazil, Angola... So, imagine what would happen if, in addition to this, it had agents who could speak English, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

How to assess the language level of contact center agents?

Easyspeaking is a 20-minute-long online language assessment test that assesses the 4 language skills, including speaking thanks to pre-recorded video technology.

Easyspeaking helps you to assess the language skills for:

  • Recruitment: it standardises the assessment of call centres candidates’ language skills during the recruitment process, based on a single common framework.
  • Skills mapping: it defines the required language level for call centre agents, assessing their current level and spotting whether they have any gaps.
  • Learning and development: it ensures that gaps have been covered by assessing call centre agents’ language level before and after the language training programmes.

Some companies, like ARVATO Iberia, already use the EASYSPEAKING solution, thus showing a more innovative image of their company and obtaining precise results (based on the CEFRL) in less than 48h.

Want to know more?

Discover Easyspeaking

Published by Jesus Linares
on 14 June 2019

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