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Are you getting ready to record your video interview?

Don't panic: this is an opportunity for the programme managers to get to know you and find out more about your previous experience, interests and personality before meeting you face to face.



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What is an on-demand video interview?

The idea is simple: you will have around twenty minutes to answer, either on video or in writing, a series of questions that have been prepared in advance by the admissions team.

Log on to the platform with a computer with a webcam and microphone, or download the EASYRECRUE app on your tablet or smartphone.

The team at the school you are applying to will then review your answers.

Groupe 1

A few tips

Your check list:

  • A computer, tablet or mobile
  • A stable internet connection
  • A quiet place!

Before you start, close all open tabs on your device and check that your camera and microphone are plugged in and switched on. Your devices will be tested by our software before the interview begins.

Groupe 2

Let's practice a bit!

Practice makes perfect. Our online practice tool gives you an opportunity to become more familiar with speaking in front of a camera and to feel more comfortable when you take the real interview. No stress or worries!

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Groupe 3

More advice?

You get to choose when you take the interview. In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about the on-demand interview, follow the link below to read our dedicated articles for candidates, and be the best version of yourself the day of the interview.

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Do you need technical support?

Our dedicated student support team is here to take your call
on +44 56 0375 0086 or by email at


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